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FRAME ADVICE One of the most important choices is the one for the Frame, the heart of the Bat after all. Here you get your feeling, the rubbers provide speed and effect! The different compositions of wood types give a frame more balance and its own dynamics. Of course you can get the necessary power from it, partly because you can go for a combination with hard materials such as carbon and fiberglass. In general you can advise for a frame with characteristics that match your level and training intensity: For a beginner an Allround Frame, ie not on the fast side. Once you have outgrown this stage, you can move to a Frame that has All + to Off- Speed. Here you have to deal with harder woods and additives such as Carbon for a larger Sweetspot (ideal target). If you play three times a week or more, you can opt for Off to Off +. It should be noted here that many table tennis players (star) make the mistake of choosing frames that are too fast! Control and feeling give way to brutal Power, because the numbers are somewhat dazzling. _ TIP: Go for frames with slightly less high speed figures and more control. Don't skimp on the frame either, because you can play with it for many years, it's a one to two time release! In our showroom you can hold the frames yourself and there are test bats to try materials!